Digital Detective Blade

Blade® v1 Supported Source Image Formats

Blade v3 supports a number of forensic image and output file formats.  Table 1 contains a summary of the file formats.



Supported Forensic Image Formats

EnCase®  v1-6 Image File (EVF / Expert Witness Format)


AccessData®  FTK Image Files

*.e01, *.001, *.s01

SMART/Expert Witness Image File


X-Ways Forensics Image File


VMWare Virtual Disk File


Segmented Image Unix / Linux DD / Raw Image Files

*.000, *.001

Single Image  Unix / Linux DD/Raw Image Files

*.dd; *.img; *.ima; *.raw

Virtual Hard Disk File


Binary / Memory Dumps

*.bin; *.dat; *.dmp; *.mem; *.dump; *.crash

Micro Systemation extraction file



Table 1



Sector Level Access to Physical / Logical Devices


Blade v3 can search any binary file for the supported file formats.  It also supports direct sector level access to Physical and Logical devices.  This allows the user to employ hardware / software write blockers and to recover data directly from a disk or external media.