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Software Downloads

Evaluation Software

The following downloads are for 30 day evaluation versions.  All evaluation software can be activated as full versions when the appropriate licence key is loaded. The trials offered here are the full versions of the software; they will allow you to do everything the registered versions can with the exception of saving your work or exporting extracted data.

This download can be activated as a full release version with the purchase of a USB dongle.  This means that after you have evaluated the software, you can continue working without having to reinstall anything.

If you have any questions during the evaluation period, please contact us. The information in our Knowledge Base is a great place to start and get the best out of our software.


NetAnalysis is our forensic software for the extraction, analysis and presentation of Internet trace evidence from web browsers.  This industry leading tool is used by the leading law enforcement agencies of the world.


Designed to be used in conjunction with NetAnalysis, HstEx recovers deleted browser records which can be loaded into NetAnalysis for analysis. HstEx is separate download but provided as part of a NetAnalysis purchase.


Blade is our advanced forensic data recovery tool. It ships with a large number of pre-built data recovery profiles and allows the user to create their own. Intelli-Carve® technology allows for accurate and verified data recovery.