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Digital Forensic Software

Our advanced digital forensic tools provide
superior speed and cutting edge features for
the extraction, analysis and presentation of
digital evidence.

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Advanced Research

Advancing the state-of-the-art in digital forensic science
by developing and deploying software solutions that are
built upon cutting-edge research and development.

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Advanced Analysis

Providing forensic practitioners with advanced analytical technology to quickly identify and extract data of evidential importance.

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Advanced Data Recovery

We can tailor a data recovery service to meet your needs.
Our engineers have experience in recovering data from a
variety of different sources such as hard drives, removable
media and mobile devices.

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Digital Forensic Investigations

Identifying a competent expert witness to assist you
with your case is paramount. Our experts have a strong
law-enforcement background with the experience and
expertise in dealing with the most serious of criminal cases.

Forensic Software

Digital Detective develops innovative digital forensic software products designed to deliver cutting edge features for the preservation, extraction, analysis and presentation of evidence from computer and other digital devices.

Browser Forensics

Digital Detective’s NetAnalysis® v2 is our flagship product and is the industry leading forensic software for the extraction and analysis of Internet browser trace evidence. It is trusted by the leading worldwide Law Enforcement agencies.

Advanced Carving

Digital Detective’s Blade® Professional is an extremely fast and accurate data carving recovery solution. Utilising our Intelli-Carve® technology, it is highly effective in recovering data from hard disks and mobile phone dumps.

Uncovered hard disk showing read/write heads over disk platter

Forensic Data Recovery

Blade® was designed to allow the forensic practitioner to easily build bespoke data recovery profiles so that almost any data type could be recovered. It comes with over 50 data recovery profiles and has Intelli-Carve® technology for those times when ‘simple carving’ will not work.

Forensic Software

Our software engineers are also highly experienced digital forensic practitioners. This means that we use our own tools to conduct digital forensic examinations. This gives us a unique insight into how our software works in practice and highlights any limitations or missing features.

Mobile Phone Forensics

Blade® is the ideal tool for the recovery of data from mobile phone dumps. Using Intelli-Carve® technology, the software is extremely effective in recovering MPEG-4/3GP/ISO Base video files. Our JEPG recovery engine is extremely accurate and fast; we challenge you to test it against other image recovery tools.
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Advanced Forensic Analysis

The volume of data in a typical forensic case is growing at an exponential rate.  It is becoming increasingly more challenging to separate the wheat from the chaff, particularly under the pressure of an increasing workload. Our forensic software has advanced analytical tools to help you quickly identify the evidential ‘smoking gun’.

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