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DataDump™ is a free tool which allows you to dump segments of data from an original source image or physical/logical device. It can be used for the following:

  • Extract a stream of binary data from a source image or logical device
  • Convert an entire image or a segment of an image to a single flat file
  • Extract binary chunks of data from files, images or physical/logical devices
  • Extract a partition from a source device as a single binary file
  • Hash the output data using MD5, SHA-1, SHA-256 or SHA-512


Digital Detective DataDump

It is particularly useful when debugging and testing when you may wish to extract a small subset of data from the original source. All you have to do is select a source, select the start and end offsets, or start offset and length; then select a file to save the data to. During the extraction, the hex viewer display will change to show the data that is being dumped. Selecting an offset will also show the data located at that sector.


Release Date: 2015-03-30
Build: 1.0.15089.1
File: DataDump-x86-EN-1.0.15089.1.exe Length: 7.7 MB
MD5: 19-4d-8e-76-7e-54-a8-9b-cc-90-82-59-12-c2-33-2f