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Kent, UK – December 2009

Digital Detective Group Ltd., a provider of leading digital forensic software, announced today the release of Blade®, a software product designed to help police and law enforcement tackle their ever increasing digital forensic caseload and the rising tide of Internet child abuse.

Blade® is a Windows-based, advanced forensic data recovery solution designed to provide powerful and versatile evidence recovery capabilities for the extraction, analysis and presentation of digital evidence.

Craig Wilson, the Managing Director of Digital Detective Group and lead Forensic Software Engineer said, “The power and flexibility of the tool can be expanded as new modules are developed. Blade® supports all of the major forensic image formats so can work independently of other tools. The professional modules have built-in data validation and interpretation routines and can recover data that is just not possible with simple, traditional data carvers. It is the first software to be able to recover live and deleted AOL and Outlook Express email messages direct from a forensic image”.

The software has been designed for extremely fast/accurate forensic data recovery with the help of a powerful regular expression engine. Not only is it highly effective in the pre-analysis stage of a forensic examination, it can be quickly configured to recover bespoke data formats. The software is extremely simple to use and can be operated by anyone with a knowledge of Windows. The user friendly interface allows evidence to be processed by non-technical users who do not have full digital forensic training.

About Digital Detective Group

Digital Detective is the worldwide leading provider of the web-browser forensic analysis software NetAnalysis and is dedicated to developing digital forensic software products designed to deliver superior speed, stability and cutting edge features for the preservation, extraction, analysis and presentation of digital evidence. Their software is in use worldwide by both law enforcement agencies and corporate entities.

Digital Detective has been supporting law enforcement in the forensic examination of digital devices since 2001. Their software engineers have a background in law enforcement as well as software development and have been actively involved in thousands of criminal investigations.