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Kent, UK – September 2014

Digital Detective Group Ltd., a provider of leading digital forensic software, announced today the release of their new ground breaking software NetAnalysis® v2.

NetAnalysis® v2 is a state-of-the-art application for the extraction, analysis and presentation of forensic evidence relating to Internet browser and user activity on computer systems and mobile devices.

Their NetAnalysis® suite also includes HstEx® v4, an advanced data recovery solution designed to recover deleted browser artefacts which can be imported into, and analysed in NetAnalysis®. Utilising powerful parallel processing and Intelli-Carve® technology, HstEx® offers a considerable speed increase and accuracy in forensic data recovery.

Craig Wilson, the Managing Director of Digital Detective Group said:

NetAnalysis® v2 is a software product that offers significant improvements over existing applications and methodologies. We have invested a significant amount in research and development and have authored a completely new ground-breaking product, engineered through innovation and fresh thinking.

Our primary goal is to develop innovative new technologies and focus our efforts on areas where science presents new opportunities most likely to lead to significant forensic advances. We aim to build upon our reputation as a pioneer in the field of digital forensic science and are committed to developing leading products that will advance our mission to make the world a safer place through digital forensic expertise.

Research and development is a key element to developing advanced, cutting-edge technology and our team works to solve the challenges that exist in the highly dynamic, hi-tech world of digital forensics. We are extremely pleased with this new product and hope that it will give our law enforcement and corporate customers that extra edge.

About Digital Detective

Digital Detective was founded in 2001 and develops forensic software for the extraction and analysis of digital data from a variety of digital devices.

Guided by the vision of Managing Director Craig Wilson, Digital Detective Group is built on the principles of innovation, creativity and commitment to excellence.

In 2002, Digital Detective released their flagship product NetAnalysis®, a software application designed specifically for the extraction and analysis of Internet trace evidence. The software is trusted and utilised by the leading law enforcement agencies, commercial companies and government entities worldwide.