Binary-Coded Decimal

Introduction Following on from the release of Digital Detective’s free DCode™ tool, we are compiling a series of blog posts explaining the various timestamp formats available in the new version. In this post, we are looking at Binary-Coded Decimal or BCD. Binary-Coded Decimal (BCD) Binary-Coded Decimal is a system for encoding decimal numbers as a […]

NetAnalysis Find Panel

The NetAnalysis® Find Panel provides an easy way of searching against visible columns and fields. It is displayed above the grid and contains a search box where the user can enter a search string. To open the Find Panel, use the keyboard shortcut CTRL+F, or select Search » Quick Search from the main menu. Syntax […]

View of earth showing text 'Manual Timezone Identification'

Introduction to Time Zone Identification In a digital forensic examination, establishing which Time Zone the system had been set to should one of the first examination tasks.  If this information is not established at an early stage and taken into account, the validity of Date/Time evidence may be brought into question.  Not only is this […]