Email client showing inbox, compose and starring lniks

Introduction The use of electronic mail (email) as a mode of communications for both formal and informal purposes has increased considerably over the past decade. As such, the opportunities for the criminal element of society to make use of this facility have also widened making it commonplace within a digital forensics examination to review email […]

Keyboard with chain and palock

Internet Explorer introduced a number of new security and privacy features in version 8.  One of these new features was InPrivate Filtering.  InPrivate Filtering helps prevent the web sites a user visits from automatically sending details about the visit to other content providers. When a user visits a web site, it automatically shares standard computer […]

Random binary data with magnifying glass showing the text REDIRECT in red

Introduction Redirects provide a way to transport the browser from one point on a web site to another.  Redirects are most commonly used to translate references to outdated web pages to new, updated ones.  They can be instigated either by the browser, in which case they are referred to as client-side redirect, or by the […]

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Kent, UK – December 2009 Digital Detective Group Ltd., a provider of leading digital forensic software, announced today the release of Blade®, a software product designed to help police and law enforcement tackle their ever increasing digital forensic caseload and the rising tide of Internet child abuse. Blade® is a Windows-based, advanced forensic data recovery […]